Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Here & there :}



& some more PICTURES :} .. Enjoy

Went to it the other day, liked the decor & atmosphere of the family section since we were all non smokers, more details
in flickr

ME, My brother & two sisters :} read it as انقلبت = flipped? Turned over ,, any how I thought it was only me so when were out (the 4 of us) I took a pic & laughed, bro. Asked why? Told him :> & right at that moment he said @!@ me too LOL!! & the confession chain started :> ... So how many of you out there had that miss-read too?

Meet my every day friends :} my bottle of water who keeps me company in the morning drive to work since am a water person in the early morning & prefer to NOT drink nor eat any thing before I finish my water bottle ANNNNNNNND the every day changing bag :> that day I wore the silver one..

that's it for today :} tomorrow more to come @.o

have a nice day all :>


Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

lol Things like that (misreading the sign) always happen to me but this time I read it right 'cuz I've seen the ad everywhere from the papers to the billboards. Water is evil! Drink Coca-Cola it's healthier :P G'night!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Halaaaaaaaaaaw :>

LOL no way coke :D totally not me & even if i drink a soft drink it would be strawberry/cherry flavored ;p "shani or fanta strawberry"

About the AD yes true its all over the place but when I first saw it & was briving by I misread it ;p & it got stuck to my mind although I know its ENQBALT

Shurouq said...

I confess.
I misread.

Purgatory said...

everybody has been reading it wrong, I did, swair did, and others.

As for the pics, 5th ring road, behind the red car, did I win!!!

3baid said...

Funny, I took a water bottle with me today in the morning :o I don't do that usually.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Shurouq :}

Join the club ;p

Purg :}

Thats a relife :D pretty nice to know that a lot of ppl did miss read it :>

3baid :}

twqard 5wa6r ;p ?

but its good for ur body & skin + its very good for the kidneys & stomach :> its a good habbit keep it up