Monday, 12 September 2005


OMG I went out tonight to have dinner out!! Kuwait is packed :( I miss the summer period here its been so quiet. Now I remember that I used to whine about the crowded parking & restaurants it appeared that we were in the summer heaven :>

unfortunately I still have to go out tomorrow to meet friends I haven't been out with them for like hmmmmmm 2 weeks? Which is long for being used to meet them every two days!

I received the most amazingly happy news of the year 2005 I shall not forget this day .... (*) to remind me of it! ,, am happy for you guys :> glad ur finally there may your life be filled with happiness & joy.


3baid said...

I went to out to lunch at around 1 and NOBODY was out. The streets were completely empty!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hello dear 3baid :D:D

Miss ur posts @.o

well I went out in the evening after 7pm ,, & even if I was planing to go to lunch it wont be before 3pm weekdays :} ,, lunch is not a very rough time but the night period is just UGH nowdays in Kuwait @!@ wayd naaaaaas & am not a crowd person