Saturday, 14 January 2006

A falcon or a grasshopper?

Now since ever the relation between the Bedouiin culture & the falcon has been close, some of Bedow men are proud to carry their falcons every where even when they are in company with other people, its a friend & a pet!

At a TV series I saw to guys who act to be Badow chatting,,,,,,

A falcon? A grasshopper is better

More at flickr!


Crappy_Nappy said...

I wished to own a falcone pet once. but due to its size and the caring you have to do . i decided to own a " Sheryaas "
it was a good pet . bs yabi yakil la7aaam . and like an ordinary pet he can get scared from ppl rushing thier way inside a house or a room "my bro"

unfortunattly i wasnt thinking that this pet can FLY looool

may god protect him from the big predators and iraqis

Eggotistic said...

Having a falcon would definately be cool. Unfortunately I am not very good with pets. I just dont have the attention span for it. I had terapins (i dont know if thats spelt right) the tiny turtles when I was a kid and lets just say that didnt end well for the poor nano amphibians.

DareDevil said...


Q80-Chill Girl said...


LOL poor thing! I hope it won't be harmed


LOL, we had some & having a baby in the house along with them is not very nice my neice for some reason liked to sit on them! although I noticed one thing they are very fast compared to the reputation turtles have? weird no?


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