Monday, 20 March 2006

Pause || notes

# I took a pause from blogging simply because it doesn't fit in as it used to but it will get back to my schedule soon, however I will keep on blogging just not as frequent as I used to...

## We Love Kuwait, sent me a spam e-mail ages ago & I wanted to write a post about their project but I will leave it to your curiosity & their SITE to see what they have to offer. What made me remember them is that I saw a nice big section displaying their books at Virgin mega store in Marina Mall :} if you have kids you will be interested in their work.

### Why don't people eat snow? I mean every one I ask "abroad & was able to enjoy snow" they say NO we didn't eat it? How hard can it be open ur mouth to the sky? ;p The last time I ate some snow I was aroooooound 6-8 years old? Still crave it.

#### Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman : Something Stupid Like I Love You ,, I remember when I fell in love with this song around 2001 or 2002 ?! It was soooo romantic! Still is till today. Everytime I listen to it I remember a dear friend's comment; that it didn't make sense "I love you" being a stupid thing to say! What I mostly love is that she is challenging him to say I love you in a different way :} at the same time he can't help but to say it in the end! Which is his feeling & what's right to say, that's why its so darn romantic :}

That's it 4 :} an even number


3baid said...

What does snow taste like? I'm guessing salty-ish water? :/

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Well I'm guessing like rain only colder ;p ,,, I always taste rain its not salty at all :>

مبتدئ said...

I eat snow too, intentionally..and drink rain too, then wash up with sand.. ehe masakh-tha, bas seriously I did eat snow, it used to come down slooowly .. ba3dain ana 3ammm akil-ha eheh .. *Fassil*

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LOL well join the club I have been unplugged all day long "lack of sleep + tons of things to do & thank GOD am done!" so i pretty much did every thing & any thing today hmmmm am not making sence!!!

back to snow ee its yummy & as for rain IF I do not stay under it & feel its drops falling on me & swollow a few drops THEN it did not rain :D

having the stream running logically inside a brain can be boring, unplugging can do you good to ease up the tension & smile for the heck of it :}

P.S: My bag is ready!

Ms.Baker said...

Dear Chillgirl,

Missed you , and glad to see you back posting :) I love that song too, it's a remake of one sung by Nancy Sinatra and her dad Frank I think, from the 60's.


Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiii MsB

same here :} long time i co check ur blog :( any how glad u came in here to say a hi :D

oO i think i will go back to classic songs :} nothing like "under my skin"