Friday, 10 March 2006


When dreams take the form of human beings, you tend to be fooling your self with your expectations, since they are in the end DREAMS. The safest way is to be realistic & don't count on them that much :}


ماقصّرت لعباس ابراهيم ،، صاغ الكلمات الأمير السعودي بدر بن عبد المحسن. يتنامى بي فظول لقراءة كافة ما نشر للشاعر بدر بن عبد المحسن فلازلت استمتع ب " أبعتذر" ،،مبدع و أكثر ما يجذبني هي بساطته و جمالية المعاني


tasty_as_berry said...

Yeah " don't count on them "
and when acheive it , u made the impossible :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

The problem is what if this dream depends on other people not on you? then it will be harder & definatelly more enjoyable when achieved