Thursday, 4 May 2006


First it was the SCARY teletubbies [Teletubbies the show information]

My nephews bored us with them, YES they like them " as a lot of kids too" but they scare me, when you look at their faces they seem sick! Their show is ok & has some good information to be fed visually to kids "but not all" however the way the Teletubbies are physically designed is terrible in my opinion!!

Then came the " Boohbah " [ Boohbah the show information]

That I think are more scary than the Teletubbies!!

Now the Boohbah at their world "where I did not know about them" are a OK but to be seen in Centerpoint in KUWAIT with out any introduction or some information about what they could be was scary! They freshet me out when I saw them! For real they are scary bold oddly colored toys!! What were their creators were thinking of at the time?


I mean look at how their eyes are like! & the weird pimples at their heads & forehead? What were the designers thinking? Now the odd thing is the name! BOOHBAH?! What kind of a name is that? So according to Wikipedia it means "Doll in Hebrew", which I do not think is nice in pronouncing? Boohbah! What if a kid says it quickly? It would get someone a heart attack. The dolls are scary & their names too!! It could be an other synonym for BOOH?!

All in all I will fight the Boohbah phenomenon! We should put an end to scary toys. Yes to the Barbie, Hello Kitty Era & every other NICE toy that ever existed.

اعتقدت ان الهدف من الالعاب انها تكون جذابه و ما تخرع ،، تكون بمظهر لطيف بس شكل المقومات اللي على اساسها يحدد شكل اللعبه اختلف،، للأسوء


Purgatory said...

I like them, they are chubby and fluffy :)

3baid said...

That was funny!
I agree, babies used to enjoy animals, maybe even monsters (from sesame street) but these days they can only relate to aliens!

*imagines baby yelling BOOYAH!* @_@

LiL Alien said...

اوافقك الرأي

وكنت راح اكتب عن نفس الموضوع

احد فيكم لاحظ ان تصميم الشخصيات يعلم الطفل ان مافي فرق بين الناس؟

على سبيل المثال:

الاخضر بشرته داكنه شوي

الاحمر قصير وشكله من الآسيويين

الاصفر يمثل بنت

اما الازرق فهو المشكله .. اعتقد انه يمثل الشواذ جنسيا .. فهو رجل يتمشى بحقيبه نسائية

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

LOL, how can you @!@ ey5ar3ooooon

Q80-Chill Girl said...

3baid :)

EXACTLY you got my point! they are brain washing kids

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Lil Alien

صح انا معاك بملاحظاتك و احس ان تأثير التيليتبيز على الاطفال سيئ ،، صحيح ساعات يعرضون مشاهد تلفزيونيه يمثلونها اطفال طبيعيين مفيده بس بحد ذاتهم الشخصيات "التيليتبيز" اي شي!! و يخرعون

ScarlO said...

My one and half year old sister loves boobah. Probably because they speak like she deos.

Teletubbies is just sad.

I like Barney better :-p

Q80-Chill Girl said...


YES & barnie too is a ok :> I like the purple Dino. & he is not scary!