Monday, 25 June 2007

From here & there - from Vegas -

Its been crazy, hectic, but at least I will try to list up some thoughts that I will publish details on later

منو قال ان فيجاس مو وناسه؟ و انها بس للقمار و حياة الليل؟ ،، اللي قالها غبي او ان نظرته للدنيا مو كامله

I had the pleasure to do a radio interview with the media line, you can listen to it from here, note people I was a bit nervous hmmm a lot actually this is my first public interview! Feedback is appreciated and to tell you the truth I did want to change some of my answers & wished that I was less nervous but it was spontaneous :D oh & on the camels thing I should have made a laugh effect! to note that its a joke lol ;p

الجو حار تقريبا نفس جو الكويت بشهر 4 و بداية 5 ، بس المشي متعه :> و ردة فعل الناس على اني متحجبه امتع لوول

Days pass by like a flash over here, here is a short list of what I will elaborate on more in the up coming days:

  1. Thursday: Get here safe & go to sleep! me & my bro
  2. Friday: Getting tickets to shows, shopping, knowing a wonderful man by the name of Rod Rodriguez, having STOMP OUT LOUD tickets on the last minute! attending the first show for us in Vegas, an amazing experience a great show! I literally sat on the edge of the seat most of the show & was excited as a kid who is trying out chocolate for the first time!!!
  3. Saturday: More tickets digging, registration for the Convention, I'm having a blast but miss Kuwait a lot, more shopping, we were too tired that we skipped the Ray show! pity he was here for only two nights!
  4. Sunday: Out for lunch, met with fellow Kuwaitis, had a great time, knew great people. Attending the Convention opening, which was the largest crowd I have ever been among! in the hall there were 22 THOUSAND people! then an amazing breath taking show!!! this is a once in a life time thing....
  5. Monday: its almost 10 am, not there yet, am going out to enjoy my time & plan for the next stop after Vegas.... wish me luck :D


Purgatory said...

والله صوتج جميل، ار يو تشبي أند تول؟؟

3baid said...

3alaich bil3afya :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...



thank you for making me feel that you paid so much attention to what i said :D btw there is a Sanrio official shop! can you guess who will envy me ;p ??

3baaaaaaid :D

allah y3afeek :D
tonight 3 blue men! lets see how it goes :D & inshallah i'll have more time to talk about a lot of tings i loved around here, & yes one more thing! there is a shop for Sanrio! i got loads of stuff for hello kitty :D

Purgatory said...

Yeah I know who :P

EXzombie said...




Q80-Chill Girl said...


ان شاء الله

ان شاء الله

ان شاء الله


i will & i am el7mdellah :D

kuwaite said...


مع ان نص المقابلة ما فهمتها

وهذا الخلل مني


اعتقد انتي صاحبة اللكنة البريطانية

وهم هذا الخلل مني

بس الحمدلله تدراكت الوضع

عجبتني كلمة يعني وضحكتج عليها وهم انا ضحكت

واللي عجبني اكثر توضيحج لأحداث سبتمير

على العموم بالتويق

وان شاء الله

وتصيرين اشهر من فوزية الدريع

وتنشات من الراي على ايدج

Anonymous said...

waiting for the update..when r u coming back?

Marzouq said...

Yala enjoy!!! I really enjoy vegas I used to go there once every 6 months to a year! Lots of entertainment and things to go!

There are even things to do outside of vegas like sky diving, racing, indoor sky diving (big Turbine tube), fly small jets (don't know what the requirements are though).

Lots of good restaurants, try the posh restaurant at the Paris hotel with the amazing lobster!

New Bride said...

mashalaaah mashaalah walah love your interview proud of you as a kuwaiti girl

Q80-Chill Girl said...


هاليعني ماسكتني حتى و انا اسولف مع خلق الله مادري شفيني هابه فيها!!؟؟ مع اني كلش مو من النوع اللي علق على كلمه

بس المذيعهاهي اللي كانت لكنتها بريطانيه عدل :> و مشكور على الاطراء

و بالنسبه للذكتوره فوزيه قد لا اتفق معاها باشياء واجد ،، بس اعتقد وجودها او دخولها للاعلام الكويتي مفيد الى حد ما ،، انا ماشفت لها اي حلقه لاكثر من شهرين تقريبا؟ ما اقدر احكم على تطورات الاوضاع بس شفت ظاهرة وجودها صحيه بالبدايه، ماعندي اب ديت عن برنامجها بس مااتوقع بيوم اني اكون سبب شوتتة احد من اي مكان
و انا وييييين و الدكتورااه ويييين ،، يمكن بالمستقبل؟


GLAD that there is some1 waiting :D will be back soooooooooooon ,, expect something before the weekend INSHALLAH that is if the jet lag didnt sleep me off all week ;p


YES i knew about the activities 2 days before leaving Vegas, had no time for those but now in LA its amazing, i saw also the iPhone launch :D in two places, got some pictures of it, amazingly it was pretty neat! and there were a lot of police men around to organize, apple knew whats coming! and in Vegas i mostly enjoyed the SHOWS went to amazing ones will post about them soon when am home i guess, its been crazy because this is a last minute trip :D am trying to max the enjoyment


THANK YOU :D:D big time
am so glad u liked it, and mashkoooooooora :D u made me happy :D