Friday, 21 March 2008

My Love

Tulips are blooming, its spring now :} the festivals are around the corner to celebrate the most beautiful flower in my eyes.

Here are some random thoughts.....


Is for the one that I am currently, and for the one place I went to in Kuwait and found peace and joy :D its actually a park, its a shame not all people visit it. Although I have to admit the place is just a part of the happiness a good company would make it great, try a book :D if no one will come as I suppose that most will say

حديقة؟! ليش


Nothing more relaxing than two white tulips! White is for clarity and two is for joining, to be honest and pure is the best thing ever for two to find as a common factor.


This is a wonderful combination that caught my eye when searching for Tulips in google, I miss them I might get me some soon :D


q8philic said...

a park

add on that
in kuwait !!!
oh and spring !!:|
I'm glad that u found a peaceful place in kuwait nowadays where u can have a quite moment.
actually i found my peaceful spot in the radiology department where u can find a lot of xrays , CTs and MRIs hiding stories and clues .

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Amazingly it is very peaceful, how ever the moments I spend there are literally stolen from my days but very precious.

LOL on the Xray thing, btw i took a look on the MRI we spoke about and did not get a clue, but it was interesting though! if there is something wrong then I am guessing that its a minor one inshallah, will try to get the CD to e-mail u them ASAP

Anonymous said...

I think that Tulips are too dull. My favorite flower is Narcissus.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


all flowers are lovely to me but i prefer tulips how ever Narcissus is lovely too :D