Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Where Am I ?

Remember those posts ??

Will kick off this series of posts with an easy one, Marzouq you are not allowed to participate :P until others guess it!

*Answered by FourMe, around 6am Kuwait time :} this is her blog, she is new to me and its a pleasure dear :D*

و سأبقى متفائلة يا أبو قتيبة، من أجلك و من أجل حبي للتفاءول و لانك السياسي الوحيد المشرق باصدق ابتسامه


FourMe said...


nibaq said...

In Phase 2 of Avenues!!!

(A wild hopeful guess ,) )

Q80-Chill Girl said...




;p ur guess is excused due to the recent rumor but its Borders, Emirates Mall in Dubai :D the one Marzouq lives in

p.s: hello kitty here is big! :D

FourMe said...

Oww thanx that was nice :)
hope you're enjoying your time..

Marzouq said...

hahaha! I am in the second row in the science fiction section.. that is where I am 90% when I'm in Dubai!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


:D uw dear ,, its the lease you solved it :D

and i did enjoy my time there :D its fun but over crowded, i need more time to get to know Dubai well.


I liked the art poor section :D right by the architecture straight ahead on the right :D i got the art Atlas from there, and i did like booksplus more and Festival city is amazing, its still not crowded that was the best thing about it and a branch for villa moda will be there!