Sunday, 15 August 2010

227 : Swatch

Yet an other hectic day, was not so productive at work, today I got a weird headache, didn't face one like it since Ramadan began. My guess is that my busy Saturday was the reason! Had a hell of a day

I felt like I wanted more time, in the same time that I also wanted an un-do button to be attached with the watch, the one above is my dearest! Although its not expensive but I truly love the shade of blue inside, and how its size is so perfect! Not too large nor small, I have a big hand so I don't really wear small watches, not that i have anything against them, but me no likey.

And although, the watch has been through a lot, scratched in many places, it is still very pretty to me :) I like every scratch in it & love hoe it feels in my hand. Scratches it gained with time tells me how much I stayed tough through my abuse lol :p


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الله يسلمك :)