Monday, 16 August 2010

228 : The right shoe!

In-deliberately, I became a fan of Nike, still the fight between it & Puma is on, since Puma wins with the very cute & stylish flats they have for every day & their walking shoes. The ones I used to own for walking & the gym from Puma were very good, until I discovered an amazingly informative salesman in Go Sport. I knew my current shoe was not fit enough for my exercises since I don't only walk now I do more physical activities that require support in the foot area. And so for my good luck this sales man approached me & I told him I want "this shoe" ,, He asked: Why? ,, to be honest I was very happy to know he is concerned with what type of shoe should I take, I explained my activity and he said: No take either this or this. Both choices were excellent, he also gave me a lecture about how the shoe looks like, when I told him I do not prefer those high heeled ones, he taught me important tips about getting the right shoe & how it will improve my ability to perform, I agreed with him out of experience but I have to say I was a bit hasty but his information made me trust him.

Took the shoe above & it was a HUGE difference! My balance is amazing with it! I require less focus on how to balance my foot when standing on the other alone, I do NOT feel any tension on my ankle, in every way the shoe gave me the ability to perform better, I really really appreciate that sales man's advice & I will go thank him as soon as I can :}

From now on, its all about the shoes!

Oh and one more cool thing about this shoe is that it has an Accelerometer space to place it under the shoe pad! A very big union between Apple & Nike :] Not sure though if I want to try it out, need to read more on it, but its a really cool thing to let a device calculate the calories and more, of what you did in your exercise.


Aurous said...

in which go sports does this guy work? ;p

Moos the Monk said...

I just bought nike shoes from there 2 weeks ago... and a few nike tshirts ba3ad and went to the one bel 360 to get nike socks...
OMG! Look at me! I'm all about NIKE! :^p

Q80-ChillGirl said...

In the Avenues, I do not know if Go Sport has any other store! do they?

Moos the Monk
LOL :p well can't blame you Nike does make good stuff, I went to the 360 one recently and took a lot of stuff for the gym & to be honest my internet shopping has reduced a lot, a bit pricey than online BUT not too much

*hail fellow Nike'r*