Wednesday, 5 January 2011

1,201st post :}

Blogging is probably the hobby I have been consistent with for a long while, as if my blog is a close friend of mine that no matter how busy I am with life, I get back to it with eager :} and miss it greatly by the day, our meeting deletes all the gap spaces of time apart. To who ever came with the blog idea, my own blog, bloggers all over the world I love you all! Been a very enriching period of my life

No am not saying this because I will quit :p but because saying what you feel like is always good :} and while we are alive we might as well invest in making ourselves and others happy :>

As odd as this might seem, but every one I cam across online gave me a lesson or a piece of information, along with the existence of google, wikipedia and now twitter and the things read/ discussed there, I honestly feel very blessed to know all of this! Who would have thought from the comfort of my home with a few buttons, technology & a phone line I can be all over the world, jumping from one thing to another :) I might have not witnessed time travel, but I lived whats more awesome :> the internet

SO my 1,2001st post goes to all the mentioned above


Touché said...

A truly well written beautiful post, loved the flow of emotions and expressing blogging gratitude :)

By the way, there is something odd, adding up the number of posts in your archive adds to 1147!!

The Observer said...

This blog is truly a place of Tranquility.

Q80-ChillGirl said...

you are absolutely right! I got the number from the all over posts in the dashboard :} including the many drafts I have so you are right up to this post 1147 are published ,, I think I will do a mass sweep & cleanup very soon, publish or delete those drafts also upload pictures instead of the expired ones from various websites

The Observer
You really made me happy with your comment :> it is exactly what I want my blog to be :} THANK YOU for seeing it the exact way its meant to be seen