Saturday, 13 August 2011

The sunrise, sunset and me ..

There is something magical about the sunset and rise every day, I simply LOVE the sky color, how the shades of bright fiery colors are then followed by cool cold colors & vs. How in just a few minutes the world flips from one state to another, day to night or night to day. This link in particular triggered a lot of emotions, it was sent by the dear 3baid. The following picture from was breathtaking, I really REALLY wish I could be in this man's shoes!

© All Rights Reserved by Scott Mas­ter­ton

For a change, one day out of the blue, just stand still for a few minutes and see the sunset or rise, good music is a lovely addition, but either way, the beauty of the scene is remarkable. One of my favorite spots is the Free Zone in Shweikh Port.


Touché said...

Really soothing image you linked, lovely with every bit of it.

The serenity brought with sun declaring its arrival and departure is second to none. The daily witness of how marvelous are the things we take for granted.

On a side note, gotta love those moments when the sun gets so close to horizon and escalate it's momentum and shift in size from distant circle to super large glaring sun that only gives you the impression that it's about to hug the whole scene and envelope it in it's own rays.

Lovely post as usual :)

Q80-ChillGirl said...


My post doesn't beat your 3rd paragraph! well said :D