Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mirzam Manifesto Lecture

Mirzam Manifesto lecture by Jassim Al-Sadah was held today in Al-Americani Hospital "Cultural Center", which is the second event of the 17th cultural season by Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah (DAI). I did not have a chance to attend the first exhibition Anas Alomaim and Jassim Al-Sadah did back in January 2010 held in The Number 4, but was really excited to see the work published in the 4 blog and the Mirzam Manifesto blog. However, DAI allowed us to have a re-run! To be more exact a view of the work behind The Mirzam Manifesto, oh and on the name check this post :} says it all.

Came a bit late caught up with the second slide! Um-ilsa'af which is a fictional character used to be in old Kuwaiti stories to scare kids, sort of a witch riding palm leaves (= a broom) that steals kids who don't sleep at night, which he took up a notch! And come to think of it our culture did too lol, why scare kids to sleep...! ANYHOW

Here is Jassim explaining the piece called "Um-ilsa'af" which was really REALLY nice, where he mixed a woman figure with palm leaves swirled around her and an a few calligraphy lines from the old song-like lullaby related to that character. He made a box with "Um-ilsa'af" looking like a normal woman outside and scary with black in the inside, creativity was easily manipulated in a beautiful way :)

Then he showed more work related to Arabic pop-culture and the western one, the merge of both without loosing the Arabic identity, he showed us some amazing posters, bringing Western movies into the Middle Eastern Movie and Music stars, with a twist. In addition to his work in Cafe Bazza (which I accidentally went to yesterday and loved the interior + music! Yet it was a bit pricy for local food), you can see the pictures and the music in iLSuL6ana blog, or pay them a visit.

What I have seen today is modernly old, a touch of the past with a present view, the merge of the two time periods was successful and artistically enjoyable :}

Jassim Al-Sadah ,,, well done

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