Friday, 30 September 2011

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و انا انطر قهوتي سرحت بهالقطوة، كانت تشرب ماي من المزراب و فجأة طرت لي فكرة : ناس تاكل علشان تعيش و ناس تاكل لانها تبي "تتدلع" بعيشتها

I still do not get those people who make new characters to kids! What happened to Disney characters, how about Hello Kitty,,, I mean aren't Teletubbies scary enough?! *yes they freak me out and I think they are scary!*

See this character below and correct me if I'm wrong:

-Shape: Not a normal composition, oval head with a tower-like shaped ears and antenna or what ever that thing over its head is called!

-Color: Can it be more DULL! For kids this is a color you choose for a character kids will see!! What happened to bright colors?

-Eyes: As far as i know even adult do not WANT dark circles around their eyes! Let aside having them on a KIDS character!! Seriously?? The eyes are SCARY period, only a Panda can pull this dark circles with cuteness & that's it!

Now the juicy part! My friend held this magazine to me because her kids like this show "Fun Garden", I was in total shock that her kids LOVED it, I could not even focus on what she said, I took a picture of her holding this scary THING and asked her again: "your kids love this"
She: YES

I personally do not know how kids think! But personally know for sure, standards for cute and lovable have CHANGED dramatically

كل يوم لازم اطالع السما قبل لا اركب سيارتي و اروح دوامي و ساعات و انا بالسيارة، لكن هالنظرة مقرر يومي ،، الجو كل ماله يستعدل بالكويت و الغيوم بدت تطلع على استحياء نوعا ماااا بس بدت تسيّر علينا. و للغروب نصيب من تمقلي بالسما، هم له سحر خاص. الجميل في تويتر و اللي افتقده بالمدونة اهو النشر بسهولة و يسر، اصور السما و احط صورتها متى ما حسيت انها شادتني بزود و جمالها زاهي و ما يتطوف ،، جربوا تشوفون السما قبل لا تبدون يومكم :)

Now I have been using Youtube since for I can't remember really BUT a long while, yesterday was the first day that I get a message error from google on Youtube!! Took a picture to remember this day :p


Anonymous said...

i agree with you about teletubbies, i do not understand why kids love them.... i think the secret is the colors they use...and about natheef seriously Y THE DARK CIRCLES.LOOOOOOOOOOL

Q80-ChillGirl said...



Smegmalicious said...

It's not just a kids thing. At 37 I enjoy watching them come on air as much as I do like watching Newsnight on BBC. Essentially, it's the way they communicate is what does it for me, I think.

Q80-ChillGirl said...


HMMMMM :// interesting approach, communication ... Nope still can't love them :p but totally get ur point