Sunday, 8 January 2012

Stripping a week in 2012

It's already the 8th of January, a whole week passed by from this year. It has been a busy week, with a lot of ups and downs, which I stripped.

*Disclaimer: heavy post ahead!*

How to define the up and down in your life, its all about how you see things really. The down moment, for example when you lose something, is actually a way to avoid that loss in the future, a peek into what you will feel when you lose, and if you think well, you will know the new path of what's "after" that loss.

So is a down moment really down? No :} When you get benefit from something, even if at the moment was bad, that benefit flips the coin! And when something good happens, enjoy it to the max, repeat it and enhance the goodness in it.

Sounds a bit vague? Lets try an example.

The death of Steve Jobs, to Apple they lost a leader with a vision, to the world a man that provoked the technology urge within everyone, young or old. It is a loss, a great one. What did we gain? His life's lessons, his amazing products and his success. What he left is timeless :) In this example you can focus on the loss or the gain, the loss itself did not produce "all" that gain but it drew attention to the man he was, how he reached that level of success and I am sure many who did not know him at all now do, a lot who knew little about him (me among them) now know more and only a few consider what they knew a treasure. Take every piece of information for granted and you will gain MORE than you think, with the least "experimental" effort.

So other than the scale of good and bad, what was there for me in that first week. Clouds! Loads of them :}

I can't leave the house with out taking a look up, I have to see the sky, its a joy that I can't really skip. Within one day, you can see how often does it change, now the most enjoyable time of the year for me, because the clouds are the cherry on top. I love them and the FLUFFY ones are my favorite.

One of the main lessons that I get from the sky, day after day, is that "The only constant is change - by Heraclitus". With in 24 hours, a single day of your life, the sky can move from clear and sunny, to cloudy and maybe a bit rainy! Like today :)

What if we stripped every piece of information/ event/ story we stumble upon in our daily life?

With the graph above I illustrate an idea that I have always had, I am a limited entity in this world! Limited with time, space around me, my own physical being (abilities) and what I compile in my visual/verbal or general memory! Therefore, the collection of ideas I have is also limited, even when my imagination works, it breaks a few boundaries I live in, hence my imagination is also limited (to the boundaries I know and break!).

In light of the above I developed a concept of stripping ideas, going to the general line or statement it gives me and apply it to different issues in life. So given that "the only constant is change" that I see on a daily basis in the sky, people's behavior, climate and time change, I would be very unreasonable to want things to remain as they are! A moment of sorrow to remain as it is, a moment of joy too!!

However, somethings are irreversible, like time, once it passes it can't go back "so far! Time travel have not been proven/ practiced yet!"

Consider everything, reevaluate, get the bottom-line of it, keep it as a collectable idea in your memory and use it, you will be surprised of how "less" of experiences you need to go through in your life. Nonetheless, living requires experience and experience is molded with challenges in life.

Never fear a challenge, it is a GREAT sculpture tool for experience and intelligence :} But never go into an experience or a challenge that you KNOW the outcome of.


Anonymous said...

"A quiet BLOG to chill out, talk about me & my country Kuwait, whats hot and whats not."

* Kuwait: What's hot and what's not.

Q80-ChillGirl said...

I know! You have a point, my writings changed since 2004! I should re-visit the definition box :>

Q80-ChillGirl said...

Thank you, to the Anonymous who provoked the "change" in my blog! Changed the definition :}

Miss Egg said...

I loved your post. It's inspiring. Sometimes reading your chippery tweets make me think twice about how I look at things grimly. I shouldn't use the difficulties I go through as an excuse as I'm sure everyone has them but it really does feel impossible to lift up at times especially when what you face you have no control over. That being said, thanks! :) Keep it up!!

Allah ya7fi'6ich o yas3idich dom enshallah :D