Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Touching the sky

Touching the sky: A series of abstract posts, as abstract as the wish I have to touch the sky, when looking up, especially when there are "fluffy" clouds.

Character template. 

As one goes by life, meeting people is a normal thing, building templates of characters for those people is a common error. People vary in their characteristics, habits and ways of thinking. Fitting one, into a template of another person just because of “some” similarities we might see among the “original template builder” and the “new person” can be very harsh!

Most just and fair way to evaluate people or deal with them is to directly ASK, when something is vague, asking is a definite tool to skip assuming and eventually judging and the template fitting.

Always allow space for “different” in every case, for I have learned, that as much as we human beings are similar in terms of organs, characters, ideas and many other things, we are VERY different, else, outliers* wouldn’t exist. Judging someone with whatever you have seen before can be very harmful, especially if that judgement went over the boundaries of your ideas into actions or words :)

Never judge people, fit them into templates or say: 
yes, he is a man like all men OR she is a woman like all women. 

Instead, react with who you meet, what you see or hear, depend on your mind, feelings and reason (the order of those is up to you), the final outcome is your experience and true interaction, which is far much better than trying to fit people into templates and maybe hurt them, or worse, fool yourself and see nothing away from your own nose! 

*Used outliers as an extreme example for out of the normal cases.

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