Saturday, 4 February 2012

From here and there

"Samah is a Certified Life Coach and a Pranic Healer"

She is the person who dares you to be unique! Who I knew through twitter, been following her for a while, and like the motivational and positive outlook of life she paints through her tweets. She has a book out, its called "Why did I choose Kuwait" and the signing will be this Monday :} more info here.

استنزاف الانتخابات للفكر و العاطفة ابعدني عن عالم الانترنت و التواصل، فتور غير اعتيادي حاشني تجاه تويتر و انا مدمنة لتويتر! الاخبار تنهال و الساحة حامية و ما عندي نيّة اكمل بهالموضوع، كلنا نحتاج الراحة و شوية وقت بعيد عن هاللوية

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific is inspirational, the woman who made me be very bold in my style

The picture above shows exactly WHY I love her, she amazingly manages to mix different patterns and prints, yet appear VERY nice! I've always had a fear from prints to be mixed together and prefer to add one piece and the other is plain, yes I am bold with colors but not prints and patterns containing so many colors, let alone together. She also made me pay more attention to accessories, they do make a lot of difference! Blair is brilliant, her blog is a MUST see.

الجو حلو، الاستمتاع فيه احلى، قبل لا يجينا الصيف و يراوينا العين الحمرا، و اللي ما يطلع الصبح محروم


LadyB said...

I lovvee Blairs style !
and trying prints on prints trend is running through my mind yet i'm conserned on mit7ajba that it would look like a pyjama!
Still thinking of other ways to translate this trend away from pyjama look !

Q80-ChillGirl said...

I think its possible you can make it work, I've started with the layering! Yes I dared to wear two jackets over each other, not so bad :}

LadyB said...

Yeah I do the jacket over jacket alot and mom gives me the usual cringes thinking I got something wrong with my head :P

Q80-ChillGirl said...

yes I feel you sister :p