Monday, 22 April 2013

You are more beautiful than you think

This video really moved me, how often do we see our selves, exactly how we really "are"? Its not only the issue of low self-esteem, its how fair are we towards our selves. Between neglecting yourself and filling it with ego, you move from one flaw to another, as human beings we are bound to be flaw-full, yet where do we draw the line?

The real question is how can we see our "real" selves? The mirror, the real one, the opinion of others. What this video exposed is how fairly the other can view us, especially strangers, those who are unprejudiced by knowing us. In other words, its not so bad to ask the opinion of others or see what they think of you, your actions or looks. Also, being criticized is not the end of the world :}

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