Sunday, 7 April 2013

Think tank

I do not like reviews by request and usually turn them down, this one is a bit different since I gave a warning that it will be an honest one :} and they accepted!

Think tank is a new training center, their specialty is in the iWorld, every thing mac. Of course I will skip the cliche-introduction its there in their FB or IG or Twitter account, what I will focus on is what I really saw there. First of all skip the back filled with paper cartons elevator, make sure you ask them for the nice ones when you visit them, now the place it self is new and very roomy (I like new places :} very neat), and they are education oriented, which is why I wrote this post. First they said they offer free training classes for your iDevice, be it a phone or computer, then the paid courses which range from getting to know coding to Adobe products, the links above have a lot of information in that area.

The enthusiasm in the people there to "educate" is overwhelming, its been a while since I saw young Kuwaitis who want to educate, a small business that is not interested in the usual food-clothes related consumption products. Yes, I can not say my evaluation for the final product "how good is their training is" but I can say that I am proud of think tank and would love to take a course with them, the most attracting issue they dropped in as they spoke about their project is "we don't want to only give the tools and teach you about a program, or finish a curriculum, that you can find in youtube or any other training center, we want to encourage creativity and engage students to accomplish something".

So if you are interested in iEducation or coding, Adobe products, check them out :}

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