Wednesday, 16 November 2005


Went to the cars Exheb. in Kuwait fairs ground (or how ever its spelled) checked out only two of the show rooms due to the bad choice of shoes I made :<

Dodge CHARGER :: way cool car I fell in love with its NEW design although the dashboard was not so impressive on the contray it was TOO simple, not as inpressive as the exterior. I hated the girls that were over there to help us on the car's info they did not know a THING they only know the engine blah blaah ,, I asked them about : safety? braking systems? number of air bags? how many grades are there? the rims size? they didnt know a thing nore cared to do so just stupidly kept smilling & showing off their black died eyes I mean Koholoed eyes!



The *NEW* CHARGER "that mainly caught my eyes because in terms of design it captures a sporty theme along with luxury & style"


Dodge for the first time impress me with a car other than their RAM :D .. However I heard some people say that Dodge is not a good choice? bad interior? also the car is not durable? any one can help me & add some feed back by answering my questions please :}

2- ROYAL RIMS :: sorry didnt take any pics of their display BUT they had a lot of impressive stuff! they had 30 INCH ones :D pretty cool.

The nice thing about this Exhb. is that they had some special cars, even Audi has an impressive A4 i forgot what is it called but the features were very nice, the RX-8 from Mazda was very nice :> with the rotary-piston engine, & what it can give the car more than the average fuel injection/burning to the engine process ofcourse i thank my brother for that :D he's a car geek. I expected the regular cars we see in any car selling showroom BUT I was dissapoined & happy with that :>

Seen the Range Rover "the #1 4x4 in my oppinion, till now no car took its place" over there, also the sport one although when I went to Al-Ghanim in their Shweikh newshow room they didn't have any displayed & said they wirll bring them starting from January?! oh one more thing ALPINA was there too :D


Q80-Chill Girl said...

'' Judy Abbott '' said...

a77 this charger looks pretty.

17/11/05 1:34 AM

check ur e-mail dear :}

Q80-Chill Girl said...

veeery nice car wallah :D i highly advice u to c it in real actual size

snookie said...

dont like the new charger.. :(
or the new mustang, camaro, thunderbird..


(p.s. about the simplicity.. its american.. :) MOST -not all- suck at the cool interior stuff)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Snookie :D

well the only two old designes i like "American sport cars that is" Mustang Shelby & the Corvette Stingray

Ripped_Heart said...

Cool pictures. Keep them coming.

The Don ® said...

My pictures are better looking.. :P

click me

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hello there Ripped heart :} welcome to my blog .. As for the pics Insha2Allah I will post more when ever i can dear :}

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Donney :D

Akeeeeeeeeeed amko muqarna @!@ ur are waaaay much better ;p I only took two pics with a lousy mobile cam :>

Great pictured dear :D wallah 3jboni o they showed me parts of the showrooms that i didnt go to :( coz we went on the last day o bs got into two halls :< 7safa ,, I hope i wouldnt miss the books one that is curently over there :D