Monday, 7 November 2005


+ I was given this very hard assignement today its about a change of a business line that am still not fully educated about! so its a big challenge for me, will I understand & give remarks or will I feel as blank as I am now after reading up till page4 :}

+ Had a nice day at work, I feel its my second family over there.

+ Am falling in love with The Lounge in Marina Crescent, I like the food (so far sweets, sandwitches have been tried by me"over there, the only two bad things about it are:

1- Too small "the indoor seating that is".
2- They sell sigars, till the moment didn't see any in action & hope I will not coz they stink!

However I hope I can still get my spot there every time :} so far I have been getting it.


Mark said...

i think the lounge seating is terrible. its as if you are sitting under the escalator. its also too noisy and too bright.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

The seating issue am fully 100% with you it is terrible they stuffed a lot of seats in a small place thats why i prefer the corner. too bright is good for me :D but about the noise you can tell them to lower the volume I did that the last time I went there :>

3baid said...

"I feel its my second family over there."

That's great! :D

I've neither tried The Lounge nor heard anybody recommend/try it before. I guess I might give it a try sometime.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


It is great am very thankfull that am finally happy with my work. About the lounge I advise u 2 go in a non-peak time try the afternoon :}

Mello said...

you know what's missing tho?!..ignoring the fact that it is a small ass place.. i don't know why, but a lounge to me means a jazz band playin in the background. i would love a place bigger with some live jazz here in kuwait. is there such a place?

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I don't believe there is such a place!

moryarti said...

During a short visit to Kuwait this eid, we passed by marina mall and the area called "the crescent" - it was really nice -

We had a table at 'the chocolate bar' - amazing place by the way - dedicated a post for it in my blog.

Anyways, at the table next to ours, there were 3 decent looking young girls. All what they were trying to do is have a good bite to eat... but those immature gangsta wannabe clones kept pestering the young girls with constant drive-bys of sleazy comments and harassing gazes.

girls left after 15 minutes - it was a shame really..

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Oh well guys can be annoying, but i guess if the girls totally ignored them & acted as if they didnt hear a thing they could have understood it! BUT if they dont (which is in this case) they either should change seeting or leave as they did... True its a very shamefull act i pitty the shallow minds that think this kind of actions is actually impressive!

P.S : the link is not working :} but i got through to the "mirror" blog which there i saw prety nice posts about ur trip to q8 :D

Disconcerted Kuwaiti said...
Please vote on kuwaiti government handling of bird flu.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Heading there!