Thursday, 16 February 2006

Just watched them

Just like heaven

Cute movie, not much of a story & plot, but I like the lead actors Reese Witherspoon & Mark Ruffalo,

both are adorable. How ever me & my sisters think that Mark Ruffalo is sooooo cute he is not so handsome but has a killing innocent pure look & soul, in 13 going on 30 he kept this very sweet character he has which I first found out about in View form the top, Mark add 3 girls to ur fan's list.

The idea of being meant for each other is charming its so fairy tail'ish (made it up ;p) still it doesn't fail. Its a cute movie all in all nothing surprising nor impressive, just a nice quiet romantic comedy.

Diary of a mad black woman

very nice one

Madea made me laugh my head off, I mean Tyler Perry is truly talented especially that he performed 3 characters in this movie in addition to him being in production, writing, song writing! I was impressed by this guy he is talented (how many times did I say it till now ;p), So back to the rest of the characters I loved that the movie actually had a message that is very obvious & in a way or an other no matter what is ur religion or how you worship GOD still when you have faith in GOD you can go through the hardest thing.

It also touched me how Kimberly Elise playing helen displayed a lot of emotions, especially showing how that a separated woman still keeps on supporting her husband although he did a lot to hurt her & kill every bit of love that is inside her to him YET she had this obligation towards him to get him through his crisis.

Her character showed that its not about love any more its about believing you do your best to make the best of other people, especially if for some day they were related to you, and till the day she got her papers signed & rested assure that she is DONE she felt free to find her heart & boooooooooy did she make a good choice @!@

I mean Shemar Moore is THE hottest black man after Craig David taking the lead :> and his character in the movie is out of this world & makes you wonder are there men like that out there? If there are then they are gems.

Back to Madea
I liked the intensity of her character she had every thing done the hard way but she was that great effect Helen needed to change, especially in her situation being so lost, Madea was her mentor to being a fighter & not giving up. Let a side her loving FEEDING character, a true mother of all. Tyler Perry captured a lot of an old black woman's strength & sense of humor, she provided love & strength to the whole movie.

This movie was romantic, funny & had faith add to that it showed the close family relations in the African-American community. I enjoyed it.

Tomorrow two more movie reviews :}

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