Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Mind block

Havne't been in the mood latelly but got back today to blogging :}

* Thank you PIB & Purgie for caring :) you guys rock!

* Volvic is my fav. bottled water, is there such a thing? I mean I try to convince my self that water is the same but its not to me! I think its probably the minirals that are added to it? btw whats urs if you prefer any over the others?


Jacqui said...

Where are the Q8CG Blog of the Week or Blog of the Month or whatever time period it was :P

We miss it and want it back!

Purgatory said...


PIß said...

you're welcome dear, it's good to have u back :D

ma 3endi favorite bas fe anwa3 mastesegh'ha wa7es feha this weird taste.. but volvic, evian, rothtain & abraj are all fine with me

Ms.Baker said...


I really like Volvic too :) Even better than Evian. But most of the time I drink 9a7a water from Lebanon. What I truly love is San Pelligrino or Perrier sparkling water with lime. It is my favorite drink!

MsB, pleading with you to come back to blogging cuz we miss u!

Shot said...

Welcome Back chill

we miss u and ur topics

nice said...

عجبني جدا التيوليب اختيار موفق
والفولفك اعتقد انه رقم واحد بالمياه المعدنية وكافيه انه اغلاهم سعرا :)

meWHO! said...

w.back :) am addicted to volvic..i drink it more than i drink water!

q8philic said...

rise and shine
BELEAVE ME : there is a diffrence between water types ( i'm speaking from experiance in my hell doom there are many things (in water of corse) that make comatized patients jump from beds (( i think u know my mean )) to make long story short its all about companies :) :) (( my doctor theory!!!!!!! he thinks the amarican companies are hiding secret componants and there are a big consperacy between them and the FDA and the cost will be our health ))

Q80-Chill Girl said...


It will be back as soon as i get my groove back :} curently will stay on the ground bet my self to blogging mood again then will be back in action..

Purgieeeeeeeeee :}

al7ein 5alna 3la el week one ;p b3dain we go big @!@


Thx hun ur the best :*
the ones u mentioned are my alternatives still volvic rules ;p


Hello there dear :*
sparkling water never worked for me i dont know wy, although a Bulgarian aerobics trainer once told me to drink sparkling water with a tiny pinch of salt not too much just tiny winy bit claims its better than regular water! never did it ;p


Thank you so much dear for ur sweet words :} appreciate it :>


thx dear :} oO nice to meet an other Volvic-holic, i wonder if you too get that sad grumpy look in ur face when u see every kind of meniral water in the supermarket fridge EXCEPT volvic :/


Helllllllllllllllo there :}
WB hmm why should i say that i just saw u a few hours ago lol ;p

where u r its Chlorine with a few drops of water added to it ;p oh & yeah some ppl think that the Americans are responsible for us having hair in our heads LOL so he has the "USA behind it all" symptoms !! stay awya from him the virus can be contagous ;p

Q80-Chill Girl said...


اسفه التعليق كان بالجنك ميل :> ،، التوليب روعه ما اقدر اقاومه ،، بالنسبه لفولفك ماقارنت الاسعار بس اعتقد انه نفس مستوى ايفيان ،، بجيك على السعر المره الجايه