Friday, 10 February 2006

Weirdness Tag...

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I love even numbers, even when it comes to setting the volume in the car's sound system I always prefer to set it on an even number. I have this thought that in odd numbers there is always a 1 that will be left out alone :(

I like using math in my every day life, I play a game with car plates numbers, each time I give my self a challenge & mathematically try to solve it :} for instance (123456) what's 456-123? Or how 123+x=456 so what is x? & of course the cars with plates that contain an even number of digits is my favorite.

I love driving at night, nor for enjoying the quietness of the night & the empty-ness of the streets :) but for the flashy colors of the dashboard, the darker the street I am in the better it is :) the lights will be brighter.

Sleeping is a hobby, I love sleeping & I have a very damn heavy head! When it sleeps it turns off the connection with the world, in some cases I need an explosion to wake up hmm that is if I didn't`t just turn on the other side & sleep again.

I tag every one that what's to be tagged & in addition I WISH from the following bloggers to accept the tag if they like to :} i.e this is not an obligation ;p

Kuwaiti Chopper Dude
Lil Alien
Jelly Belly

Annnnnnnnnd feel free to add ur self to the list if I forgot you :}

Last but not least thank you PIB for tagging me dear :>


3baid said...

I like even numbers too but I never thought of numbers being lonely :P

If you like the dashboard more than the roads, stay in the garage! XD

Explosion? Once, the power transformer in our block overheated and caught fire. The police and fire brigade showed up in the middle of the night, woke up the whole neighborhood and yet I was still asleep and didn't know anything until the following day! :/

Q80-Chill Girl said...


doesn't work I have to feel movement & the dashoard meters move around ;p

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Oh one more thing, its sure is nice to know there are more sleep'addicts like me ;p