Friday, 17 November 2006

This & That

- I hate the fact that I forget a lot! Now I totally forgot weather I got my friend her B-Day gift or not! The dilemma is that this year there was no party or dinner! I gave most of my friends their gifts in person either during the day or even at work! Yes my schedule was that hectic... The thing is that its embarrassing to ask :) knowing a lot of people is not easy!!

- cool music

- Book review coming up, I read a few books in the past few months that I will try to write reviews about.

- Open Season is hmmm so so! But its definitely not something to be missed if not seen :)

- When I visited this site ( purgatory was the 1st to pop into my mind :D

- How much space is exposed in a picture can make the difference... The amount of what you see in the picture exposes that much ONLY, do not be fooled when you see a picture of a beautiful rose showing how red & bloomed it is, always keep in mind the possibility that you can see a bad part of it, could be thorns or even dead leaves! Same goes for people :)


Purgatory said...

I want bad cat posts :P

Or where I am posts ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

ok Where am I, but bad cat posts?!! Remind me

Purgatory said...

cats who stop in front of you and do not move :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Oh that LOL yeah I still face that! just yesterday there was this big beige & white 3etwi that stopped in the middle of the street & looked at me! I felt like am out of place & the street is its! not made for like people or cars to use :D

Anonymous said...

lately, many ppl i know have the same trouble.. short memory, me 2 :S
And i agree, but if there was no negative there wouldnt be positive. So inorder to go through this cruel life, we have to ignore some of the bad features otherwise the world will be dark and ugly.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Thank God its not only me :D it must be something in the air ;p

oo that is an other prespective to see, also ignoring or at least accepting & living with the bad side of others is good, since in the end we are not perfect :)