Friday, 9 February 2007

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من الصيف تقريبا دريت بهالبلوق بس ماكان عندي الوقت ولا الذاكره اسعفتني اني اقراه! بس من قريته تعلقت، خوش اشياء و الحلو فيه انه خفيف يعني مواضيع حلوه بسيطة و بعيدة عن التعقيد، بالذات مقالاته اللي تم نشرهم بمجلة الوجاهة،،،، و توسع الكاتب
لموقعه الجديد ، مدونة تستحق الزيارة

Yesterday in a big gathering, for a short while I kept looking at mom & how much I look like her! in a moment I forgot how different we might be and from different generations we come, I thought of how proud I am with her features that I carry and how much I lover her.

شنو قصة القنوات اللي بس بنات يرقصون و دي جي يشغل اغاني حد ال

While writing this post, Mad about you started on mbc.2 thats when I realized its too late and after this show I will go to sleep. I love this show they are an amazing couple, they enjoy each other's company, a thing most Kuwaiti couples miss nowadays! I wish every one is happy :}


Purgatory said...

Which channels do you mean ?

BLaSha said...

Gurl, 3afasti mo5i :P i cant switch from Arabic to English like that :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purrrrrrrrrrrrrg @!@

maaaaaaaaaaaaaabi agooool @!@

I dont wish to give any more information about them since am against them! am not trying to be a moving AD for them :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LOL 3ad tdrein this is my fav. style in writing!! I love the switch from a language to an other and the switch from an idea/ topic to an other :D

BLaSha said...