Sunday, 25 February 2007

من هنا و هناك

while going around here & there I found my self remembering bloggers with items I see around, its a nice thing I think and shows me how much I am bonding with the blog-o-osphere, here are some items that i could relate to bloggers "to be updated later with the bloggers the links":

  • Penguins, stuffed animals!
  • Purple shoes
  • Fridge magnet with a unique shape
  • T-Shirt with a snail print
  • Watermelon juice
Ba6eekh kingdom (the blog's old name) : Bo-Jaij
  • Black & white, dirty with fuzzy hair street cat with a vicious look!
Mad M2000
  • Rubber yellow duck, in babies shop
Jackie : Back in 04/05 as UzF said her blog name was Rub Duckie
  • D&G gold razor
  • Hello kitty earrings, wallet (I bought)

and more elaboration on this will follow around in the neeeeear future! *DONE! Post Updated*


UzF said...

Hey! How have you been?
I liked your list, let me guess what reminds you with who before you update;

1. Purgatory72
2. PSS? (i miss her)
3. dunno
4. Shurouq!
5. rampurple maybe?
6. Madm2000 lol
7. Jackie 2004/5
8. Drunk'n'Gorgeous
9. Niqab

This used to happen more often back in the days when I was a lot more into blogging.. Bes madry I think i told you once what reminds me with you in particular? If you forgot it was tulips :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


for the record this is THE sweeeeeeeeeeetest comment i got :D especially that u associated me with tulips :D ur the best maaaan :D:D 9j 9j wnastni :D:D

as for ur bloggers guess'es u got most of them right :D although i thought of PSS when i saw this pink shoe but it was covered with furr & with a pearl thingie that is tied around the ancle! so u missed (2) as for (3) he is new to the blog-o-sphere compared to us back in 2004 summer group ;p

the other mistake is (5) which i will also reveal later when am back in q8 (shko madri ;p)

annnnnd its NIBAQ ;p mo niqaaab
شنو ظحكت على هالبدليه

بس و الله صدتها يا يوسف و حيااااااك الله من زمان عنك بس تبقى شخص و بلوقر عزيز :>

Jacqui said...

Hehehe sweet hehe and it was Jackie 2004-2006 since I just recently divorced my Duckie ;P

Purgatory said...

I think all are items associated with me,

EXzombie said...

where do I fit in with all of this....?!?!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


lol yeah i liked the 04/05 thing :D good observation from UzF

Q80-Chill Girl said...


two words :D

ego ,, leo

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Sorry dear but you don't and i only mentioned the bloggers that i associate in my mind with those things that i listed not all bloggers that i do know & remembered during this trip :D

I did remember a loooooooot others but that was what i had in mind at the moment that i made the post

UzF said...

Shda3wa ya q8cg, ma testahlain ila kil khair :)
2004 summer group ":) Sounds like yesterday..
I got your note by e-mail. It's really nice of you.. Mahsalla it's true what they say; Kuwait is really small!

Anyway, waiting for the update :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Kuwait is small! you can't immagine how small it is :D if ur not in that circle then you know some one who is in that circle if not then ur brother/father/mom/sister knows someone that knows that circle & here we are :D

Post updated :D

Kitty said...

nice blog

Q80-Chill Girl said...

I know am ages late kitty, very sorry!! thank you for the compliment :D