Thursday, 29 March 2007

Again, again & again

Its not my all time favorite romantic comedy but I do love this movie a lot, at this moment it is playing on showtime's Movie Time, I can't miss it when its on! although am dead tired I had a long day, but can't resist Love Actually......


noony said...

I love it too! you can't have enough love,irresistable, consuming and can't live without you love...

Purgatory said...

again!!! I knew it

eshda3wa said...

i think its the best british love movie ever

Nora-Cassandra said...

I love that movie! Every time it's on I can't resist watching it again! I think I saw it 7 times or more by now!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I agree :D


Yep and will never let it go :}


I agreeee o bl 3ashra :D


I saw it more than 12 times ;p surely i broke ur record, there is something charming about this movie, its simplicity is so nice

lawyer said...


وايد ممتع بصراحه :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


و من الشغلات اللي احبه فيه اهو تعدد القصص و النقزه من قصه لي قصه و هم احب ترابط هالقصص بشكل غريب

و هم انه شلون الدنيا تمشي و شلون الحب ماله جنس ولا لون و لا عرق ولا عمر و الموت مو نهاية الحب، و همن ايبين ان الحب شكثر بسيط بمجرد ما نملكه، يمكن لان الحب بمجتمعنا اعقد زاد حبي لبساطة حبهم بهالفلم؟