Friday, 23 March 2007


I simply love them!


3baid said...

They love you too :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Reading an interesting debate, your comment arrived in my inbox, the moment i read it a gigantic smile was on my face :D

thank you 3baid, i needed it as much as the tulips!

annnnnnnd i hope they love me as much as i love them too :D

BLaSha said...

you posed this picture right after recommending me to have them :)

I'm not into flowers really, I know it's odd being a gurl and not liking flowers :P but I think tulips are beautiful

thank you for posting this picture, the entire post made me smile :*

Q80-Chill Girl said...


The dearest with the odd sounds issue ;p that is gone for ever i hope

yes, my comment in ur blog made me remember how much i love tulips :D & i simply posted a nice picture of them because i love them, and they make me smile no matter what

as for being a girl & automatically being in love with flowers this is a harsh thing to do! i never assume any thing about people nor associate any thing with gender :D as a matter of fact i have a work colleague that impressed me the other day about his knowledge & care for flowers! so don't worry about it with me :D u can like flowers or not as long as you is you :D


o 3sa doum ur smiling :}

eshda3wa said...

i love em too, every shade!

Q8ya said...

الله اينننننن...^___*

Jumping Translocation said...

So do we!

Do we know if these tulips are coming from Dubai? :)


Q80-Chill Girl said...


Yes they are lovely in every shade, although for some reason yellow provokes me! but with tulips i don't mind it :) and am trying to take off the no-yellow rule since its just an innocent color!


عجيب التوليب! و انج تشوفين جمال هالورد شي احلى

Jumping Translocation

Hmmm as i know tulips come from Europe originally, Holland is the best place to get them from, but those are from the magical google image search :D

So in other words I don't get ur question :D not what it means but what it aims for? the answer is no I do not know weather they came from Dubai but I do not think so!

kuwaite said...

جنون التيوليب

كانو يرهنون بيوتهم من أجلها

والأن ترهن القلوب

Q80-Chill Girl said...


يرهنون بيوت! اول مره اسمع فيها لوول شكلهم متحطمين اكثر مني

kuwaite said...

تفضلي ماضي الورده الجميلة

دائما كل جميلة خطيرة !

Q80-Chill Girl said...


عاد تدري كنت قاعده اسوي بحث عن هالشغله! بس مشكور وفرت علي الوقت :> بس انصدمت

طلعت التوليب شي خطير


شكرا مره ثانيه اخوي كويتي :>