Saturday, 17 March 2007

Computer Arts

My latest obsession

I fell in love with this magazine! amazing work, more details later. I thank the dearest Bo-Maryoum for telling me about it.

Although a while ago I came across the site & liked it too! but didn't think that my fav. bookstore in Al-Muthana (basement) will have it :D till now I bought 2 issues of it I love it, the good thing about it being available in Kuwait is that it gives you a chance to shuffle the magazine well before you subscribe.


Anonymous Coward said...

"Computer Arts" also publishes "Computer Arts Projects", which dedicates a whole issue to a single topic; for example, an issue about fonts, or an issue about logos. It is also available in major Bookstores, and costs 6kd.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Well Computer Arts Projects is also in the pack for me :D I did get its 2 issues since I knew about them, I knew about the Projects one first "that is more specialized as u said dedicating a whole issue about a single idea" BUT intended to leave that peice when am back home ;p to add more pictures & introduce is as the other twin sister with much more potential ;p but u blew up the surprise

Still i will write a full review about both ;p

but thx any way, good to know others like those publications

moodart said...

yeah its good one .. .
u can fined more in its the best source for any artist.

3baid said...

Neat :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Man i forgot to reply to you guys *sorry*


thank you this is very benificial

3baid :D

the best is yet to come