Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Dead tired, but my brain can't stop thinking :D therefore I decided to make use of this time,,

My love, The Tulip flower, I think the reasons that made me love it so much, other than it being not so popular in Kuwait or in the world compared to roses, is the fact that its shape is so delicate & feminine, I relate its shape to feminism because as you can see it is slim up to the top, becoming full in a smooth curvy way, closed up on its self a bit!! YET the best thing is that it does not have any THORNS :D unlike the infamous roses!


Purgatory said...

Yes, smooth curvy way, I like tulips :P

3baid said...

ChillGirl, you make tulips sound sexy XD

heheh ;P

Wild_Mare said...

Tulips are my favorite flower.. forever and always :D

I loved your philosophy about Tulips.. and let me add this...

Tulips are symbol of tenderness.. and above that.. Tulips has short life and that teach us how to value and appreciate sweet and lovely things while we're having them ... around :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


hmmmm for some reason this is now how i intended it to be :D but the flower is loved, one good thing came out of my post from your side, you women hating man!!


lol you & purg made me see my post in an other way, i intended to say that its curved up in a feminine way because the male on the other hand is somewhat more straight,,, then again a flower is a female right ? i guess


i greet your great choice :D they are mine, then orchids & lilies. I totally agree to ur addition & yes I did learn that from flowers, I do try to appreciate & record every thing beautiful in my life, life is a roller coaster, sometimes you're up sometimes down :D better stick to the ups & enjoy them!