Saturday, 21 July 2007

Heya (Hia) magazine


There is a nice article about it, since I am fond of Wikipedia the link above is from there "note the article is disputed! many opinions around this issue, however tis useful to give a good background on it". I think the idea of being treated with power is impressive, and makes sense! since we do live in a world that is composed of different types of power. Every thing has energy in it even stones. The one who spoke about this to the magazine is from Cleopatra & Steiner in Dubai

Shuffling the pages of the abandoned magazine I spotted a logo!

instantly I thought of the Ali Al-ghanim & Son's Automotive's one!!

... Heya the May, 2007 issue

Lately I have been OVER obsessed with decor "I already do like it & admire contemporary work!". I will start furnishing my new room this weekend! The only thing I am sure of is the office :D I chose one & it will take a corner in the room, the main concern in this process is SPACE MANAGEMENT & SPACE UTILIZATION. I will do my best to plan it very well so that it fits my things well & not look like a sardine can. Oddly the decor/ furniture section in the magazine was not so bad! actually they chose pretty cool stuff to display.

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