Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A day

out to the Noise area : ( it was two stops, بقدرة قادر they became 5)
back Home
out to Avenues : (two stops unfortunately each is in the other end of the place, the walk was nice, but not after a long work day)
Chocolate shop
- telephone call, more demands less time -
City Center
-never the less the day did not end-
Gift wrapping
Made a sweet dish for brother's Graish
Made salad for my work Graish
Writing a post
Sleep, I wish!

Here I mark the end of a hectic day

Things not achieved due to lack of time:

1- Dinner pickup, BLESS home delivery
2- Hallmark to get a big biiiiiig card for our colleague who will leave us :(

Things to be done tomorrow:

1- Early morning ,, pick up baked goods :D
2- Make an important order
3- Work!

And yes Raju is highly missed, today I realized how crucial he is, tomorrow he will be back from his home town. Yes all of them are busy bees, one of them took two tasks off my back! thank you :D

I hate it when my sleep mode gets turned off, I have this odd biological system that wants me to sleep at a certain point of time, if I fail to reply its demand at that exact time, somehow it does not let me sleep! I can not get a hold of my "sleepiness" again...

And for some reason I seem to have an appetite to write!


chikapappi said...

:) ya36eeki el3afia!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

الله يعافيج

و يخليج

و بيت مكة يوديج


3baid said...

Inshallah you'll get things done the next day :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...



el7mdellah I did 1 & 2 but barely 3 ;p

all in all today was a great day

Alia said...

waw .. allah y3eenich ala el7ousa
w mbarak 3alaich el shahar

thank you for blogging said...

Who may I ask is this Raju ? The butler, the trainer, the personal shopping assistant, the masseur, your math mentor or is he all of the above ?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Alia :D

Thank you dear :D ooo 3sah embarak 3lina o 3lich o Allah eytqbal mena ajm3ein

thank you for blogging

No, you may not ask nor know :) am joking am not that mean :D

However, in the post I stated all what I wanted to say, a blog is still a part of my personal life, there are somethings I prefer not to elaborate on, this is one of them to me :D for no reason but to make you even more curious ;p