Sunday, 2 September 2007

A week & a day

8 days,,, is the period I was away from my blog, except for publishing comments, I have been totally away from the blog-o-sphere. The enormous work load will fade away with the beginning of tomorrow, which is the first Sunday in the new work week in Kuwait, with the decree that took effect from the 1st of September, 2007 our Saturday is counted as a day off from now on, instead of having Sat-Wed we will live with Sun-Thurs. Its not the poor English that made me write this way, its my mental distraction. Bare with me.

A commenter that moves around by the nickname "Anonymous Coward" that comments rarely but comments in a very wonderful way, this totally Anonymous person comments in an excellent way. He "as I assume, but he could be a she! never the less I will stick to my assumption & refer to him as a he" comments when he really does have something to say or add, the latest comment I read for him was in K.the.Kuwaiti's blog. He writes true thoughts, he does not comment for the sake of saying he is here nor for making the topic writer happy by his nice comment. This commenter in particular stayed in my mind & since I thought about him & the common ground we see his thoughts in is the blog-o-sphere, I wrote this paragraph to say, I appreciate you and do not like to say the other part of your nickname ,,, so to you Anonymous I say you are noticed & do make a difference with your comments.

Moving down in as the week days pass & I undergo the growing pressure at work that I try to manage, I realize that the work load is killing my ideas, keeping them captivated in my mind and the blue file where I keep all my ideas. I am only requested to finish up my work, with the load that I'm handling there is barely enough time to scratch my head, let aside improve work. Along with the rising pressure, the idea of this work place not being proper arose, in a place where I can not develope any procedure I find my self very lost & alone. A spot of light shed on me when a woman offered a place under her management for me to work in, she will be the last door I will knock in this place, if what I find behind it is not different, I will not waste my time there. The work depression hit me very soon! to cut the story short المحسوبية is the reason behind that.

Then the day that her image broke came "this is a different woman than the 1 I was talking about a few lines up", she was like a mentor to me, with her long experience she gained my respect. To find out that there is more under the table between her & some outsiders, was depressing, I was sad to discover that ugly fact. Although I thought that after all of this time & the many people I met with masks on their faces, I thought that I would be immune to such things, apparently I'm not & never will be.

He is taking things up a notch, he wants war, he will get it,,,,,, A man that thought that I would bend the rules just because he said so!

Meet the jelly fish we made in Waterlemon - Kuwait - Marina Mall. They don't only have these small water filled mattresses they put under the plates, now they also have a table FILLED with colored water for meeeee to play with :D now its not only their CHOCOLATE FONDANT, THE TABLE MATRESS, ITS ALSO THE TAAAAAAAABLES that will keep me going there. I love this place.


حمودي said...


Anonymous said...

there is a saying in arabic: ya dakhil bain il basala o ishrit'ha ma inoobak illa shinoo??

aa said...

How I wish I had adopted that vanilla"anonymous coward" moniker!

For all you know it may be a she in his clothing after all. I guess that is still allowed in Kuwait.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


شكرا :)


ريحتها ،، بس ماني فاهمه العلاقة بين المثل و اللي انا كاتبته :>


She or He, that is the least I care for really, the mentality behind his/her words made me write :D

Overheard in the Turkish Hamam said...

Anonymous cannot be a He. As Virginia Woolf rightly posited : For most of history, anonymous was a woman and since they are trying to turn the clock back on every aspect of civilized living, your anonymous coward could well be a "She" rather than a "He".

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Why the debate about the gender? I cared about the mentality :) not who she/he is


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