Sunday, 30 September 2007

From here & there

Thinking of the shift to wordpress ,, not sure yet ,, I kinda get attached to my things/ places I live in a lot.

تبداء حياة الانسان بدموع و صراخ، و تنتهي بدموع و صراخ، منه و من ثم ممن حوله ،، الفرق بين الولادة و الموت هو الوقت ،، بنفس اليوم وصل حفيد و غادر حفيد آخر ،، الله يرحم و يبارك

Organizing my books FINALLY, still going through magazines to clear some of them out, the biggest challenge is how to get rid of all the Vogue issues I have, I love them so much, starting from late 2004! and yes I do buy issues for the same month but for different countries :D I reached a truce with my Vogue obsession is that I would tear out the highlights of each issue I have & only keep the really really special ones! With In Style it is not as hard, although In Style is great with their mix & match pages where they give you great ideas for the every day wardrobe. Alef is a no way to be thrown kind of magazine, although the content needs more! still what they offer in it is unique.

باولا ليما - جين مونهيت ،، قريبا بهذر عنهم ،، بس على ما اخلص بحثي

كنت كاتبه فقرة بتكلم فيها عن الاضافات الصامتة بس حسيت ان الموضوع ماله اهمية :> فاااااا قررت اني اشيلها

Fracture, did not disappoint me, Antony Hopkins is GREAT in the quiet but genius type of character, I loved how he played things around, the grand court scene where he surprised them all! was my favorite, I do enjoy movies that make me think and make me smirk. One more note about this move is that Ryan Gosling's performance, he was excelent I recall him as Noah in The Notebook, however in Fracture I liked how he really pulled of the ego-filled young ambitious man that took a slap and learned that ego can take you from the high tops to down below.

Ocean's Thirteen is a big disappointment! Although making a hotel appear out of no where "replacing PH in Las Vegas Blv." was impressive ,, in IMDB a lot of interesting notes/goofs! :D


Marzouq said...

Going to wordpress is a good thing, you can have them shift everything over which is a good thing!

I know a lot of people that get the magazines from different countries because they really are of different quality. Some from the UK, USE, France, and Lebanon, its always a mix!

As for the movies, Fracture was fantastic I loved Anthony Hopkins in it. And I really want to enjoy Oceans thirteen. Looking forward to that for sure!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I made an account there, still exploring things around, the dashboard is way easier & has more options that blogger's and editing the template is simpler too, they kinda make it an abc thing!

YES, they do differ, personally I like the French, British, Australian vogue the most, what ever I can get my hands on other than those is always welcome :D

Thats why I did not elaborate on Ocean's 13 I didn't want to be the evil movie spoiler :D

hope u enjoy it