Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Pat & Stanley

It all started late 2004 when some one sent me this video

At the time I did not know where to start my search & for some reason got busy & didn't do it, today while I was searching something in youtube I found a video for the cute Hippo & Dog with their names! Finally I got a piece of the thread :D

For some reason I did not think they were French! Through the search I found out that who made the video is a French guy named Pierre Coffin, This is his new site, Click on movies from the side bar on the left & you will be up for a lot of fun, this guy is TALENTED mashallah, great work, funny & I didn't think he was French, due to the latest 3D Animated productions being from the USA & the movie industry is huge there! However Pierre Coffin flipped the table & proved him self "in my opinion" as a great artist! I don't know more information about him but he made me laugh for more than a year on the cute Hippo & Dog ,, Pat & Stanely now :D


3baid said...

"It all started late 2004"

And it would've ended in early 2005 if you had asked me about it! XD

بوصالح said...

مقالة جميلة و لطيفة


Q80-Chill Girl said...

3baid :D

LOL ,, well I dont think we got to know each other till late or mid 2005 somewhere around that :D bas next time for sure I will ask you first ;p

بو صالح

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