Wednesday, 17 October 2007

From here and there

Woke up misunderstood, not a nice feeling.

Today, I will skip the Arabic line.

Allergy hit home, for some reason I thought that I wouldn't be allergic to the weather,,, ever.

For some reason people think that swearing is ok in English but not in Arabic, its not any less of a bad language you just hear it more often in the media as an expression of anger, so I advice the people who use swearing in English as an escape from Arabic, try translating it before you take it out of your mouth.

I'm getting bored of facebook, What made it fun is all the applications in it, the movie one (flixter?) and the Tetris game are my favorite.


Anonymous said...

Thant's true!! about like 10 or so years ago, the opposite was true. I remember people used to say back then that kids are learning bad words from private schools and I was always like " What's the difference, Arabic or English, it's STILL bad!!"

Morbid Curiosity said...

I always think that swearing in Arabic is worse for some reason. It just sounds dirtier in Arabic.

So I guess I am guilty of what you are saying. I swear easily in English but if I hear someone swearing in Arabic I seem to take offense

Q80-Chill Girl said...


EXACTLY its all bad, i think the media is playing a major role in our time, with exposing people to explicit language all the time , the point is whats popular does not have to be right ,, this is what people should realize too


LOL well you said the things most people think of when swearing in english ,, it sounds less harmful mean while its the exact same word, its not only you its an over all trend, a co-worker & me discussed how young people now take bad words as an essential part of their vocabulary! and say it with ease just because its common ,, not right :D so try the instant mental translation dear :D this way you will reconsider what you want to say :}