Monday, 3 December 2007


أطلقت على دايسو محل الشيء اللي يبيع شيئ لزوم الشيئ اللي ما له شيئ، هذا الموقع اعلااااه مثل هالسالفه ،، فيه اشياء حلوة و عصرية و تونس بس فيه اشياء تقول ليش يعني؟ شنو فايدتها الحقيقية ! بس انها تونس

A list of some of the items I liked:

Cube wall clock :D
to visual tricks lovers!

A new definition for a rubber duck :D ,, Jackie came to mind instantly, although she moved to Couch Avenue, still the RubDuckie is mentally attached to her image in my mind ;p

Cube Alarm Clock ,,, Nibaq came to mind this time, he likes clocks! this one too is nice :D

This is a wonderful decorative piece!

I instantly thought of THING ,, the moving hand in Addams family! Pretty creepy...

Who can live without an olive spoon?

Now this one is FUN :D City Squirties Bath Toy

This was brought to you frooooom

UMA : Urban Materials + Accessories online
cool site check it out, although I doubt that I left much to be seen ;p


Desert-Roses said...

I loved it.......I loved it ...I loved it..
yet ...
I wont buy them :P

3baid said...

It's these small things that please ChillGirl all the time :)

Cat said...

I loved the stuff

Jacqui said...

Hehehehe I know lots of people still associate me with it... actually lots are calling me Ba6a now as a nickname hehe not coz of anything physical just a way to edal3ooni :P

حمودي said...


q8philic said...

olive spoon!!!

it is must to have even if u don't like olives


Q80-Chill Girl said...

Desert Roses

i might buy some of them for the heck of it & just for fun :D


right on the dot ;p

cat :D

glad u liked'em


HELLO cuz :D:D
yes i think no one can live without an olive spoon how can we eat olives without it?? with our hands?

Q80-Chill Girl said...


For some reason ur comments were not e-mailled to me :D i found out about them in my blogger dashboard!

Jackoo :D

LOL so its not only me ;p


glad u liked'em

La said...

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fotat said...

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