Monday, 17 December 2007


Link of the day ::


incredibly cute, will write about how I got to it, its a magical world where I kept smilling all the time.


Desert-Roses said...

I should show that to my friend...ra7 tyeen 3liah !!! :D!!

ty hon!!

so ain't we artistic to have such things as that? :/

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Desert Roses

ur most welcome i just looooved this site so much :D

this is the new trend am intrested in, cute art :D i posted this site in particular although i have toooons other than it to show that art, cuteness and creativity are not so hard to do, with simple lines and sketches you end up with the cutest "MUSHROOM" ever for instance :D

LiL ALiEN said...

عندج شي فيه ذبح ودم؟؟ .. ابي شي فيه تعذيب قطاوه .. او تذبّح طيور

Q80-Chill Girl said...


وااااااي سوفاااااج
شنو هذا ما اقدر لاء لاء واي قلبي عورني شلون قطاوة و دم امبيه لاء انت شرير

و مالقيت تعذب الا قطاوه!! و هلو كيتي؟ امبيه لاء ماراح انام اليوم من الخرعه

حاشني حارج من التمثيل