Monday, 3 December 2007

Hiro Nakamura

Hiro Nakamura will only sound familiar if you are into the series Heroes! A recent addiction of mine, Hiro along with Matt Parkman & Peter Petrelli are the cutest of them! there are a lot of other addicts to Heroes, world wide, there is even a Heroes WIKI !!! Also Heroes Revealed is a great site.

Regarding the background of the actor performing Hiro moodless said it first :}

Although I am liking the series & following it up but I prefer movies ,, they have a beginning & an ending in a few hours :D the story stretching is not always done well! even if it was as long as The Lord of The Rings trilogy still it ends in less than a day.... I wouldn't have to wait for the network, ratings and demand to stretch the series if they are earning well :> I am still in season 1 episode 13, lets see if I will stay interested for long.

Oh the reason for this post is that when he started looking for a samurai's sword, the samurai is real & he is called "Takezo Kensei", there was a peice of reality in the sword's story, check this link out, where the writer of that post thinks that Takenzo Kensei is "Miyamoto Musashi" who is well known among the Japanese samurai [the wiki link I inserted is not highly trusted!] how ever back to the Kirainet:

he suggests

"“Takezo” is an alternative reading of Musashi 武蔵, and “Kensei” is the highest rank a samurai can hold, only legendary samurais are considered “Kensei”. “Kensei” could be translated as “Heroe”."

Which adds credibility to the story by mixing history & fiction, that is also a good combination for a perfect lie, the best lie is the one that is half real, using real things/ facts/ people to insert them in a fictional story will make it more believable. Just like the girl with a pearl earrings :D although in the girl with a pearl earrings case, the painting is an inspiration for the novel.

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