Saturday, 27 September 2008

Spring 2009 - RTW (1)

Spring fashion is up, shows are all over New York, London, Milan and Paris, the following are my picks from them, I will publish a series to cover this season today is the 1st....

3.1 Phillip Lim

liked the golden lining

Matching jacket and dress collar! elegant


Chic :)

Retro, elegant

Bling Bling with a twist



Colors very summery ,, nice shoulder



I loved the colors, and especially liked the Sara Jessica Parker "like" style in shoes, where contrast in what is worn and the shoe makes all the difference. She might not be a pioneer in this but she made her mark in this period of time

Simple casual

Loved the color mix and simplicity

Will long jackets make it?
Personally I liked it

LOVE the colors!

Same as above :)


Adidas by Stella
McCartney for who is interested

Alberta Ferretti

Now Alberta "her picture below in the end of the suits i picked to post over here" did a wonderful job in this collection, very creative and elegant, Alberta was amazing!

Simple chic big golden bangles would make wonders on this outfit

Amazing outfit, but the skirt is not much of a favorite to me, me no likey it, but all whats in there other than it is very nice

AMAZING, I might want to change the jacket design but all in all the suit is veeeeeerry simple, hip and KASH5AAAAA

For bold fashionistas, this is an it suit

Simple, elegant

Retro, amazing on skinny gals

I loved the top colors more than its cut!

Lovely :)

I think the belt is a piece of art

Again for a bold "skinny" fashionista :) a lot will be exposed


ELEGANT, I love this one, black & white never fade away

Simple but an elegant skirt

1 in action :) ,, the foot wear is very creative with an elegant design and colors!
I liked the red jacket :>

a retro 20's influenced great outfit

gotta love black


I adore this color combination!

Alberta! the one who did wonders in her ready to wear 2009 Spring collection



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