Sunday, 21 September 2008

Picture Talk

cool service, useful small brochure, I would prefer a mall guide not only dar alawadhi brochure! but I guess its their initiative! I only kept the key numbers and museums

I LOVE this place, went to it two times in a row I loved the interior and the over all design + the view,,, views :D

Its a first for me to take a shuttle my excuse is that I was sick and the walk from Tunisia to China seemed too exhausting!

Although I did like Dubai, but it was too crowded for me :)

A must, missed out on two things to do there, didn't go skiing "went with the wrong people :p" and I did not like its design too un-organized for my taste, but the + is that I went to borders :D


Purgatory said...

MAGRUDY is better.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


its on my places to visit list, looks nice!

Zahra said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful time! :) It took me several trips to Dubai before I finally went skiing and it was worth it! I would recommend Magrudy's too. Did you have Marble Slab ice cream?

Anonymous said...

3alaich bil3afya :]

Marzouq said...

Those are some huge malls!!

Swair said...

I agree with Purg, Magrudy's cool.. bs akhaaiiiih ya Borders :p

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Nope, not even the one in Kuwait "Alkout mall" :p for some reason I do not get the time to try it, I barely eat when I'm traveling in general :D I get busy exploring :D


allh y3afeek :D


YES they are!


:p second recommendation to the same place! Will go to it inshallah :D Borders is fun I took "Atlas of World Art" from there, amazing piece