Saturday, 17 January 2009

From here and there

I did not forget about baba Jaber, but this year was a bit different, my blogging mood was a bit off. Allah yr7umk ya baba Jaber.

البرد مزعج لانه ناشف، ودي يجينا مطر

It has been crazy lately, and I have to plan ahead for everything! and its exhausting, this up coming week will be a loooooooong one @ work!

يفترض اني وعدت نفسي اني اكتب ببلوقي كل يوم، بس من بدت هالسنة و قبلها بفتره و انا مقصره

The true weight battle began! I'm supposed to hit my perfect weight by March-April, however I will make an exception this week ;p BUT what made me afford it is that I'm loosing weight more than what's planned :D

بنات جيلمور خوش بنات، يمكن اكثر شي يجذبني لهالمسلسل عفوية العلاقة بين الام و البنت و واقعيتها

The nutella hot chocolate @ coffee republic , is to die for!


Fashionista said...

so r u suggesting that the CR nutella hot chocolate is worth every fattening calorie?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Fashiooooooo :*


and for the record, its not too sweet not too heavy on the stomach! just right :> take the regular size so you wouldn't feel so guilty, calorie wise that is :p

Anonymous said...

على الاقل أحسن من سخافة gossip girls

البايخ أحسن مافية أزياهم ولا هو لاقصة ولا حبكة

viva chocolate

3baidsblog said...

Good luck with work :]

Purgatory said...

Hope your perfect weight is chubby :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

greetings chocoholic ;p

long time :>
thx for the sweet wish dear

lol, my perfect weight is healthy not chubby :p im not getting any younger i should care about my health seriously.. as for you i doubt when it comes to weight that you can find anything other than chubby and chubbier in ur dictionary :p