Sunday, 25 January 2009

IL Tetto

Il Tetto is the roof in Italian and is also the latest addition to the Marina Waves, its an Italian restaurant that has a killer location! amazing view from the Marina Waves and a great landscape of Salmiyah especially this time of the year, it is breathtaking, and btw the picture in this post was for center piece at one of their tables the first time I was there.

What is it that makes the place so attracting?

The chairs is the first thing I noticed as I approached the waves, they were huge and I thought to my self, a giant restaurant with giant plates! not so me, And was highly impressed with the outdoor seating the chairs and tables had this unfinished/ old look, all white, big and cozy along with the amazing view all made me eager to be wow'ed by the food.

So what I tried was:

Mushroom Soup: Not my ideal mushroom soup, not a familiar taste and was not mushroom'ie enough for my taste :) but I did notice that they used potatoes for the thickness instead of filling it up with cream. I would have preferred more mushroom to be added to it, then again it is a trial to see how they cook their food :>

garlic bread: a pizza like bread with tiny diced garlic and herbs that really captured the flavor of garlic in a fresh yet not too intence way!

garlic mushrooms: I'm not that big of a garlic fan BUT that is a must in this place! I adore mushroom and their garlic mushroom was deliciously swimming in a creamy sauce that really wow'ed me. A must

parmigiana di melanazane: Now this one fooled me! I'm not an eggplant fan, but I only tasted yummy'ness. It looked like a lasagna but it actually was "Eggplant baked with tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese" It was edgy with a strong savory flavor from the tomato sauce & parmesan that was even down with the eggplant soft flavor. An other must!

chicken napoletana: Its a very creamy conservative starter, delicious also but a safe one to go for, not too over the edge but a good one too.

pouttanesca: A good pizza to try out on a first time, I'm not a hot chilly girl (yes the nickname does NOT relate to chilly its chillout :> the music) Back to the pizza, the only down side I had on it is the oil, its a little oily and was told that pepperoni does that to it, yet I still prefer to see my pizza plate oil-less when I lift up a piece.

penne al la contadina: That is one great dish, it is done with a pink sauce! containing the much adored by me "Pink Pepper", I don't like chilly as I said but the pink pepper is an other story, the dish was delicious except for the pasta which I was told that I can order specifically how cooked I like it to be ,,, yet it was still a yummy dish too! sun dried tomatoes never lose with me, especially that they were placed in a dish that needed them the sauce was not salty yet peppery :) and the tomatoes gave it a perfect sour mix.

pumkin ravioli: I HATE PUMPKIN, but that is one tasty dish! WHY? the ravioli is somewhat neutral it is very conservative, but its the dangerous mixture of the Pumpkin sweetness and the gorgonzola cheese that I did not have the pleasure to try before that dish :) its cheese bitterness sweetness and ravioli. Yet an other must try!

tiramisu: very light and not too sugary, I'm not a tiramisu fan and probably not the best to judge it BUT, me likey :)

caramel cheese cake: As a cheesy cheese cake lover that is hard to please, since I am a cheese lover and prefer the sweetness to come from the topping of a cheese cake, this one was nice, too caramel'eee for my taste, however it was nice.

The perfect way to dine in Il Tetto is to test & taste!, go with a crowd and try to pick things you would've never imagined your self trying! Give it a go take a bit of every dish on the table "not menu ;p", enjoy the out doors in that roof and customize when you wish, especially with the pizza. Do not go for the good old Italian restaurant orders: mushroom soup, margarita pizza, lasagna or spaghetti! gamble in this one and try to discover new tastes for you to conquer your mouth's regular flavors :D

Last but not least, a big thank you for the place owner who really cares about what people think.


Someday said...

can't read this I'm starving:X
3alich bel3afyah:**

Q80-Chill Girl said...


lol, give it a try when ur not starving! starving is a bad state to be in when ur around good food :>

Kia Ora said...

I know it's a fine dine but I would still like to ask you if it's good value for money.

Fashionista said...


u make a good food critic tara :)

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to find the best Italian in Kuwait, and this place looks like a lot of fun! Did they have a Pasta Puttenesca?

I didn't know it was possible for anything to be "too caramel-y"!!! Your review makes me want to give this place a try.

mambo italiano said...

Say you didn't give us the low down on the live entertainment at Il Tetto(and no, I wasn't insinuating belly dance here).
Are there vantage points from Il Tetto allowing you to partake the Gulf Road Grand Prix as you savour your soup and lasagna?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Kia Ora
Well, the prices are not exactly for a restaurant you would go to everyday, and I think its not too expensive it lies between the expensive hotel restaurants and every day casual ones, I personally did not mind it the first time I was there I spend almost 30KD for 3 persons, each took a soup and a main course along with a drink.

THANK YOU :*, wnasa 36eteni daf3 akamel coz I like it :> I'm going to review the Butchers shop and grill or is it grill and shop :p very soon!

I don't think they do, but you can check their menu in the website

and even ask for it when your there :>

the caramel'y came from the thick caramel sauce used as a topping for the cheese cake :D go for it give this place a try, I will go there again for sure.

ever changing nickname in disguise :p

Live entertainment, other than the music coming from the speakers but if ur a people person you can rely on the "Artificial Climbing wall" right in front of the restaurant main door and can be viewed all around the outdoor seating area :> to keep u entertained, careful they might be a little noisy :p but it was ok with me

Marzouq said...

Wow! Seems like a cool new place! i'm going to try it for sure!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


3lik bl3afiah and i hope u like it too dear :)