Saturday, 21 February 2009

The curious case of Benjamin Button

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This is not an ordinary review, its a movie review with some thought into it, because The curious case of Benjamin Button made me think,, a lot :)

The movie is based on a short story as the mighty Wiki says. Simply revolving around an ordinary man captivated in a body that lives counter clock wise. He, Benjamin was born with a body of 80 years of age, then his life is plotted around the movie and as a movie lover I will not spoil it for others but I will list the important thoughts I came out with:

  1. Age is just a number.
  2. Turning back time will not change things, however cherishing every lovely moment and view is a thing not to be missed for it will only occur once in your lifetime :)
  3. The external view of one is something very different from what they have inside.
  4. Time is moving, all we can do is take pictures to remind us or rely on the blessing of memory to recall or forget things we passed by.
  5. How simple things like the sounds of curtains can make a home feel like home, also how one can find beauty in the simplest things.
  6. Love, once it hits you it will never leave you, no matter how hard life becomes.
Although I was not sure I want to go and see it in the cinema, I had the DVD, yet going to the movies is still a joy :) although movies are butchered by censorship it is still a joy for me, I like the cramped seats, dark all around atmosphere except for the screen light, the wide screen and loud sounds. Of course I couldn't help my self to notice the goofs in the movie like when he was with the English lady "Elizabeth Abbott" making tea, the level of tea in her estikana differs in a distracting way that annoyed me! I hate it when I notice little things and focus on them, I had to hardly remind my self that I should focus on what they are saying & the whole picture not a part of it, and I noticed some other stuff but they were minor.

A movie worth seeing, and thinking about.


Hashimoto said...

One Of the best movies I've seen in a looong time

LoL on the "estikana" thing
Hate it when notice these stuff at the cinemas , but love it when watching at home ..

it's A Must Watch movie

Fashionista said...

i just saw it today

truly amazing!

Fashionista said...

check this out :)

Smegmalicious said...

" Age is just a number."
Is it now ?

I don't think so any more not after my hip and knee replacement shortly after my 87th birthday. Or the fact that my doc has told me I had better get used to a diminished sense of vision and hearing as collateral damage of longevity.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

True it is a must see movie! and me with noticing small things is a mess :/

Fashioooooooo :D
3jeeeb el movie :D and checked out the goofs lol, so im not alone in this world with the goofs thing :p

Age is just a number in the sense of one's spirit and way of life, a young child can bare a fatal disase in his body yet be able to enjoy what his mentality offers of all the difficulties that he might face, a small round thing called a ball with a simple toss can make him/ her happy, we can keep that or we can grow older and add more things to enjoy in our life to the simple things, but the real challenge is to keep your joy open to simple and complex things we face in life

its just a number in the sense of our brains, our bodies can age but a young spirit never does :D

Splash said...


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Anonymous said...

*waves hello* :)

Haven't watched the movie yet :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

thx a lot :D

*hiiii* more like major HI and waving back @ u :D
you should this one is an enjoyable one go for it :>

Marzouq said...

That movie got interesting reviews and I'm honestly not up to watching a movie which is that long!

I agree with some of the points you mentioned!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Yes long, but enjoyable :) maybe one day you might think of seeing it, there is nothing out of the blue in it but its a nice new way to represent interesting facts of life

S3od said...

3jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb ..