Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Weekend day.1

The weekend officially started :D so the gear for today:

Ordered some DVDs
Catching up with season 2 of the Gilmore Girls
Atomic Sushi is on the menu later tonight

And I think the most annoying part in my room is the library, it has clustered books, magazines, CDs, personal files and toys! I think tomorrow I will have mercy on that poor corner in my room


Neoark said...

i had two weeks vacation, had accidnet but alhamdlelah no permit damages :P

so sucks to have 4 days off only ;p

جمهورية الاحزان said...


Marzouq said...

Enjoy your weekend for sure! I got caught up with some unforseen family stuff!

I didn't like the book Atomic Sushi, I expected a lot and I was very disappointed!

I have a huge clutter, and I know my family is going to kill me sometime soon, I need to clean it up but I always want to watch anime and chill in my free time rather then clean it up!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

SLAMAT! good to know that no harm was done, the 4 days came in a good timing for me :D

Sadness Republic

So far the book is somewhat funny so far, not my favorite type of book though, I feel that its more like a diary, not bored yet. I knoooooow! im so not in the mood to organize I just want peace and time to enjoy stuff without too much thought into it, in my case its the gilmore girls and a pile of movies and books that i waste my time with instead of organizing whats over here :/