Wednesday, 18 February 2009

From here and there

. Annnnnnd here I am back again, missing my blog and the whole blog-o-sphere :D Have a lot to do and already did a lot, been in a hectic two weeks which passed like a flash and now comming back to the regular every day Kuwaiti life.

.. I was amazed by the sand storm pictures of our house! I really didn't think it was that bad, but it was!

... Finished up catching up on e-mails two things left, organizing e-files and my library.

.... Finished out two books:
1- كارل ماركس - رجل ضد الاديان : ل عصام عبد الفتاح
2- eleven minutes : by Paulo Coelho

As for the book about Marks it is the beginning of my comparison study about this worl known figure, I am very curious about him but found out with the initial search by internet that he is controversial! personality, philosophy & life wise! so I went for the comparison way :D to read books that are pro and con then after all this ends I can really form a proper image about him and his life.

Eleven minutes as again a lovely easy read by Paulo and again he is a preacher, all his book roves around the value of marriage and commitment on the outer shell and in the inner side of it you can see many vertues and thoughts praised by religions are being promoted, along with strength of one being and how we can choose and not be submesive to what happens around us and put up a good fight in life. Again a positive novel by Coelho


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back :)

Anonymous said...

m6awil el `3eebat yaieb el `3anaieem :)

Little Rascal said...

This may sound crazy but I find dust storms sexy particularly, when I am indoors.Somehow it gets me in a romantic mood.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

thank you so much :D allah eywalkmek dear :D

I do, but im struggling with the real life organizing :/

Little Rascal
lol, ur romantic mode is too weird for me :/