Thursday, 5 March 2009


After my many trials to lose weight by personal food control and trying to watch what I eat, I failed to lose the excess weight I had put on, So I went to a dietitian to organize my messy eating habits & schedule too :> I can not deny my love for food but know very well that I should control it. So far a month and almost 2 weeks passed I lost a good chunk of fat. The target weight is supposed to be achieved by April, I'm still highly motivated but refuse to go along with the Dr's wish to lose the weight quickly, the rate of 1-2KG/week is the max I wish to hit, I don't want to lose and gain weight quickly!


Traveleer said...

best of luck to you. just try to stay away from gathering, there is where we start eating alot.

Purplecious said...


el fal ly inshalah :/

may i know who is the dietian?


Purgatory said...

losing weight is against religion ;p

Marzouq said...

I have sort of messed up my diet so I need to get back on track and lose weight. Then go back to the Dr so he doesn't tell me off! lol

Anonymous said...

If you want to lose weight + maintain the target weight, forget about the word quickly!!!
you may lose weight fast but at the same time you will gain it faster! so take your time and don't be in a hurry!
Balancing your weight is the most important thing you do after losing weight.
eat more small portions during the day instead of 3 or 2 meals.
chew chew chew as much as possible when you eat, that's make you feel full + make your metabolism work excellent.

Ra-1 said...

1 KG a week is perfect :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Gatherings! the worst place to hold ur self up, its not easy but I'm using the bite policy :D take tiny bites to please the family and remind them that I have a target to hit, after that I'm free again and only have to maintain not lose

Thank you dear, its Dr. Taleb and his tel. is :

LOL, and which religion is that?

:p my major problem is work! I eat anything and at anytime! he helped me organize that and the 5 small meals is working perfectly for me :D go to the Dr. set ur weight on the perfect number then maintain it :D best of luck

Thank you for the tips that I apply currently, and the quick loss of weight is not my thing I know it back fires at you! thats why im insisting on the low loss rate :D thx again for the tips

yep :D working on that 1KG/ week thank you for ur wish dear :>

Q80-Chill Girl said...


ops forgot the No :p here it is:


Anonymous said...

I have been gyming for almost a year now and am still gaining weight. Could you please help me out and give me the directions to this doctors clinic.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


You can call them on the number up they will give you proper directions, its arth al6abe3a clinic, near Al-Ameri hospital, if you come from the gulf road and the Ameri hospital is on ur right:

take the right at hospital's corner

go between the hospital "on ur right" and the old houses with galleries like Karizma "on ur left"

straight ahead to a small round about, take the left

its the first building on ur right, there is some construction going right beside it

other than that I follow the following tips:

- lots of water, early in the morning before you eat anything, start ur day with water, do it gradually

- eat small healthy portions of food, do not starve ur self

- eat fruits instead of their juice

- in the dieting period keep out from sugar and fat as much as you can, use brown sugar or less white sugar, and DO NOT approach "sweet n low" , natural is better!

- avoide all that diet coke/ pepsi crap unless you have to! they are bad for ur health! as well as normal soft drinks

- try to organize ur meals into 5 small ones, two of them can be main courses with minimal if not ZERO fat

- Although am not into inserting that much caffeine but my dietitian does! and after research it appears that it actually moves fat and ease its burn-ability :) so have it and try the green tea with fresh mint :D its a delicious drink to enter to ur daily diet

- watch what you eat b4 and after the gym, avoid fresh juices after workout, at least in the period of weight loss, they make u hungrier, try water :) or eat a piece of fruit or some veggies "again at least for the weight loss period" lol :p

that's about it :) wish you all the best and if you need anymore info you can e-mail me

Anonymous said...

You are a sweetheart ChillGirl. Thanks for all the info.

Anonymous said...

Lost 5 Kilos till now and still going strong @ But i miss my snicker bar ! =(

Q80-Chill Girl said...


uw :D

Anony.1 after a while :p

im so glad to hear that! im glad ur getting some results after a short while, wish you the best and home you continue almost 1 month and 5KG :D very good, and about ur chocolate cravings dont miss snickers so much try to eat ONCE a week or two weeks a mini one, do not deprive ur self from what you like, just eat in reason and try not to make it a frequent habit still ur in the weight loss phase :) so hold it up in order to get to ur desired weight then you can organize ur food cravings :D

as for me, now after almost 3 months dieting i came to the stage where im eating in reason and the diet food is actually enough for me! currently im on the following

- water
- pear
- coffee mix thing "i skip his recipe and take something from a coffee shop most of the times :p"
- water + tea or any other drink
- steak and salad "lunch"
- coffee/ tea/ water .. etc
- Orange/ pear or mandarin

its not much but its good for me now and im back on track, i stopped losing weight for a while but now got back on track :D tomorrow joining a regular real gym inshallah :D now my weight is not a burden on my body

next weekend is my appointment, lets see where i will hit :D

Anonymous said...

=) Lost 5 and maintained it. Hes given me a new diet now which i am to follow for a month inorder to loose 7 kilos. I hope it works, really need to fit into me old jeans ! =(

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Struggling Anony :D

I shifted into two sizes less el7mdillah and bought me an expensive jeans to use as a motivating target to reach :D I have been in this weight dilemma for long so I have no old to fit into :p but I have a lot of new stuff to wear and feel confident that I am giving the piece its fair share of looking great :D

this Sat I will have an update

Anonymous said...

How is thy progress ? Am gonna check my weight today !

Q80-Chill Girl said...

hello Anony

well i lost almost no weight, just a few grams, i got bored a little, but now back on track so far im holding on good and will join a gym soon. Wish you all the best and fill me in with the ur status :>

Anonymous said...

Struggling Annonymous back ! =)
My clothes fit better now but again not much weigth loss just a few grams as you ! I have chnaged my strategy a bit by making it a point to run at the gym and do proper weight training on a daily basis now. I will update you bout my progress inshallah on the 10 of june, one day before my vacation beginsssssssssssssss =). Keep it going Chill Out !

Q80-Chill Girl said...

المجهول المثابر :>

I lost two kilos in the past two weeks but this saturday i didnt go to the Dr because i was very busy, therefore i will keep on with the same diet he gave me for this week also, so far i lost 12 :D el7mdillah.. And the plan is to get a treadmill because the gym trials have failed since i do spend a lot of time and effort at work, going to the gym after a long day sometimes is a burden :D

im back to my highly motivated me :p and want to go smaller, size wise i am happy i am very close to my sizes from more than 7 years ago :D im very proud of me :> and you!

keep it up and after the grams the kilos will come :D be motivated and never lose hope, the vacation will help a lot especially if ur traveling :D

wish you all the best