Sunday, 22 March 2009

From here and there

Politically I have a lot to say, yet prefer to be quiet and observe in the meantime, but eventually something must be said to end this game!

أمثلة للأسئلة العبيطة
سؤال.١: لما تكون بعز النوم و يجي احد يقعدك و يسألك .. انت نايم؟

It is painful to discover the bad in some people, see the dark side in their personalities, baring in mind that no body is perfect! still I can not cope with how envy can destroy a person, I pity who gets eaten by envy.

سؤال.٢: لما يتصل احد بتلفون ثابت "البيت - المكتب" و يسأل .. انت وين؟

Did I mention how much I love the work of LeRoy Neiman ?


Anonymous said...

LooooL it happens with me a lot.. and my answer used to be always " Eeee Nayma!!" Even if I am awake!

Ra-1 said...

واي شنو هالأسئلة !!!
يبطون الجبد :/

LOL :p